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KidKare Startup Guide

About KidKare

Minute Menu's KidKare is a web application designed to allow child care providers to record food program claim information on-line, quickly and easily.  It works just like a web site.  You will visit a web site, type a login name and password (available from Helping Hands), and then begin using KidKare.   This guide is designed to help you login to KidKare the first time.  Once logged in, on-line help files will show you how to use the web site to record your claim information.

Accessing KidKare

To use KidKare, you must have a 9-digit login name given to you by your sponsor, and you must have a password.   If you don’t have that yet, please contact Helping Hands for it.

To log in:

1) Make sure you’re logged into the Internet.  Go to
& click LOG IN. Enter your login ID & password that has been provided to you by your Sponsor. If you’re on a smartphone or tablet, tap the menu icon (three blue lines at the top right corner) to display the LOG IN screen>
2) Decide what you would like to do next.  You can access all of the KidKare features from the menu icon.

Click the question mark icon to access Help online.

Verifying Enrollments

To verify all children are enrolled, go to Home >>My Kids.

- If any children are missing, enroll them by tapping the Add Child button on the right. *You can filter by clicking the settings button (orange gear) on the right hand side.


Recording Meals

1 Meal at a Time:

* Click on Meals>>Enter Meal

* Verify the date is correct & infant/non infant is marked

* Select the meal you are entering

* Enter the meal components or click on the blue Menus button on the left side and select a menu number from the list.

* Click on the children that are eating the meal (they will turn GREEN)

* Click the Save button

Editing Menus

* Click on Meals>>Add/Edit Menus

* Click on My Menus (you are unable to edit the master list)

* Click on the down arrow attached to the menu you wish to edit

* Click on the green Edit button

* Make changes & click the Save button

Entering Multiple Menus at Once

(Entire day/week etc.)

* Click Calendar on the left hand side of the screen and then on Schedule Menus

* Verify if the menu is for infant/non infant

* Click on the date you wish to enter

* Enter meal components for meals

* Hit Save

***If you enter multiple menus at a time you still must mark what children were present for that meal. Meals>>Enter Meal>>select date>>infant/non infant>>select meal>>Click children (they will turn GREEN)

Before You Submit:

Verify that the meals you served are recorded

* Click on the Calendaron the left had side of the screen

* Click on Provider and Meals on the top of the screen

* You should see small boxes within the dates (B. A. L. P. D. E) for the meals that you served that day

Sending the Claim to Your Sponsor

(Helping Hands)

At the end of the month when you are ready to submit your claim:

* Click on Food Program>>Send to Sponsor

* View your meal totals and information

* Click I Agree to Terms and Conditions box on the bottom left

* Hit Send

* Once the claim has been sent, you can view it in the View Claims screen

Check out the other features of KidKare!

* Calendar: Review meals, school out days, etc.

* Please note, if you mark that you are closed on your calendar in KidKare, that information does not get transferred to Helping Hands. You are welcome to use that for your own reference, but you still need to call into the office and let us know you will be closed.

* Messages: Read important informtion

* Reports: Generate child enrollment reports, claim reports, etc.


The KidKare Knowledge Base has training videos & helpful information to learn more about KidKare. You can even sign up for a free webinar. Just click your name at the top right corner of the screen, and choose the Get Help option. That will connect you to